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8 Ball Pool

Level Beginner


Quantum 8 Ball Pool is a sample game that implements main features for an online PvP Pool game.

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Version Release Date Download
2.1.7 Jul 25, 2023 Quantum 8BallPool 2.1.7 Build 270

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Technical Info

  • Unity: 2020.3.20f1.
  • Platforms: PC (Windows / Mac) and Mobile (Android)

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  • Quantum commands.
  • Use of shapecast to predict stroke collision.
  • Turn based gameplay.

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  • Command to move the cue ball;
  • Penalty for touching the opponent's balls before yours.
  • Remaining balls indicator.

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3rd Party Assets

The Projectiles Sample includes several assets provided courtesy of their respective creators. The full packages can be acquired for your own projects at their respective site:

IMPORTANT: To use them in a commercial project, it is required to purchase a license from the respective creators.

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