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Port Numbers

Photon Cloud

Find a list of ports as configured by default for Photon Chat and Photon Realtime in each respective page.

Photon Server

PhotonControl automatically sets up the Windows Firewall to allow Photon Server to communicate on the network. If you don't use Photon Control, check out the Firewall Settings page for how to do so. Make sure all operating systems, firewalls and routers in your network are set up to allow traffic on the required ports as needed.

Define your own ports within the Photon Server configuration.

The table below contains the default ports configured per listener in PhotonServer.config as included in the SDK package.

Default Ports by Protocol and Purpose

Port Number Protocol Purpose
4520 TCP (Internal, S2S) Game Server to Master Server
5058 or 27000 UDP Client to Nameserver (UDP)
5055 or 27001 UDP Client to Master Server (UDP)
5056 or 27002 UDP Client to Game Server (UDP)
4533 TCP Client to Nameserver (TCP)
4530 TCP Client to Master Server (TCP)
4531 TCP Client to Game Server (TCP)
9093 TCP Client to Nameserver (WebSockets)
9090 TCP Client to Master Server (WebSockets)
9091 TCP Client to Game Server (WebSockets)
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