Photon Cloud

Using Punchthrough and Relay

Bolt now has full support for Photon's industry proven matchmaking and global relay network.

The "PhotonMenu" sample shows how you can start a Bolt server using Photon, and how to connect clients to it using the same API you'd use for Bolt on LAN.

Before proceeding, please register and create an App ID on Photon Engine dashboard. You'll need to fill the App ID on "Window/Bolt/Settings", under the Photon category.

Use the provided "PhotonMenu" scene as the starting point, and take a look at the "BoltPhotonInit.cs" script.

The old dedicated token for Photon Cloud is now deprecated, instead you can do this

Besides, if you want to supply custom room properties your token class can implement

You can still use the old version with PhotonHostInfoToken but it is marked obsolete.


If you have any inquiry on this, please contact us through our support channels:

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