Meta Quest Intro

Developing an application for the Meta Quest is straightforward, and the Photon product's regular documentation can be used for this purpose.

However, to help you in the development of XR applications, we provide specific samples and addons. This will simplify and accelerate the prototyping of your applications.

Fusion technical samples

Some Fusion technical samples are available for all XR targets, to bootstrap an application with ease.

VR Shared

The VR Shared sample includes in-depth explanation on how to organize a project to use Fusion's shared topology. It is the most simple way to start a XR project, and should cover a large spectrum of use cases.

VR host

For more advanced needs (competitive PvP, advanced physics), the host topology also has a dedicated XR sample, VR Host

XR addons

In addition to these samples, a collection of reusable prototyping addons is available to build an XR project.

These XR addons allows for instance:

Industries addons

In addition to these starting addons, more advanced features are available to Circle members, in the industries addons.

It includes for instance:

Meta specific addons and samples

In addition to cross-platform samples and addons, some are dedicated to the Meta Quest platform.

Mixed Reality sample

The Mixed reality (with local multiplayer) samples is dedicated to the Meta Quest platform.

It demonstrates how to used Meta's shared anchor API to prepare a co-localized multiplayer experience.

It also demonstrates the usage of the Meta specific OVR Hand synchronization addon to set up a rig and to synchronize finger tracking.

Meta OVR Hand synchronization addon

The Meta OVR Hand synchronization addon shows how to set up a Meta OVR rig, and how to handles finger tracking synchronization.

It relies on a rig created with Meta's building blocks to handle user rig parts synchronization.

And it ensures to offer high data compression of the finger tracking data to reduce bandwidth usages.

meta ovr hands synchronization

Meta Avatar integration addon

The Meta Avatar addon demonstrates how to synchronize Meta's avatar, and make sure that the lip synchronization of the avatar is compatible with Photon voice.

fusion oculus meta avatar
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