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Ready Player Me Avatar Integration

Available in the Industries Circle
Fusion Industries prototyping Addons


This addon allows the integration of Ready Player Me half-body avatars.

Full body avatars adaptations have not been added yet, but the code could be easily adapted to support them if needed.

fusion industries addon readyplayerme avatar


Avatar add-on compatibility

This addon is compatible with the avatar addon.

As long as an AvatarRepresentation component is present in the parent hierarchy of RPMAvatarLoader, this compatibility allows, among other things:

  • listener to be warned that the avatar is loaded
  • to add the loaded ReadyPlayerMe avatar to a LOD Group.

RPMAvatarLoader can be used alone though, which is useful for UI, avatar selection, ...

Avatar edits

Besides, this addon applies a few modification to loaded ReadyPlayerMe avatars. All these modifications are optional, and which one should be applied can be selected with the avatarOptionalFeatures mask on the RPMAvatarLoader class:

  • HideRPMHands: If selected, ReadyPlayerMe hands will be hidden. Relevant if another hand representation solution is provided, like the hands used in the VRShared-based sample,
  • OptimizeAvatarRenderers: Ensure the ReadyPlayerMe avatar displays nicely in an URP context and cost less on the performance side (no shadows, ...),
  • DetectColorForAvatarDescription: Analyse the avatar textures to ensure that RPMAvatarInfo.AvatarDescription includes the color. Useful to change hand colors to match the skin, or to use the hair and cloth color to customize a simplified LOD representation of the avatar,
  • EyeMovementSimulation: Connect the ReadyPlayerMe avatar eyes to the eye simulation system, so that they follow objects with a GazeTargetcomponent` that are near the avatar,
  • LipSynchronisation: Connect the face mesh blendshape to Oculus lip synchronization. Note that on MacOS and webGL, this is not possible, and will be replaced by a simple voice level detection system,
  • LipSyncWeightPonderation: The Oculus Lip sync blendshape weight produces too high values for ReadyPlayerMe avatar meshes. So it has to be adapted, either by changing OVRLipSyncContextMorphTarget code (see here), or by using this option which fix the values in LateUpdate,
  • EyeBlinking: apply an eye blinking script provided by ready Player Me on the avatar, so that they blink naturally,
  • OnLoadedSoundEffect: use the SoundManager to play a sound on avatar download completion,
  • DownloadThrottling: use the PerformanceManager to prevent several ReadyPlayerMe avatar download to happen at the same time (it could saturate the bandwidth, preventing proper network communication),

By default, all options are selected (AllOptions value), but for instance to show the avatar in a simple selection UI, it is relevant to just select HideRPMHands and OptimizeAvatarRenderers options.

Cache system

If the same avatar is used several times in a scene, this addon offers a cache system that prevents redownloads of the same avatar.

If the same avatar is downloaded a second time, a copy of the first one will be instantiated if it is already available.

If the first one is still downloading, the second one will wait a bit (up to maxSameDownloadWaitTime, 10 seconds by default).

Note that ReadyPlayerMe can delete some avatar game objects if the same url is used a second time: the cache system of the addon prevents this, but if 2 downloads occur at the same time, and the first one takes more than maxSameDownloadWaitTime to finish, a second download will trigger, erasing in the process the first avatar upon completion. This scenario should not happen out of very special cases (crowded scene, with a lot of duplicated), but to ensure it is not a problem, it is possible to always create a copy of the avatar, to prevent ReadyPlayerMe from destroying it, at the expense of spending time creating this copy. To do so, simply check copyRPMLoaderAvatar on the RPMAvatarLoader component (unchecked by default).


It is possible to add in a scene a library of predownloaded avatars, available in the project as prefabs: this library component, RPMAvatarLibrary, contains a mapping between this prefab, and a fake URL that will use this prefab when loaded by the RPMAvatarLoader

Note that while you can fill its metadata field, mostly useful for the skintone in latest ReadyPlayerMe avatars, the library will try to detect the metadata automatically if not filled, so it is not mandatory to fill the metadata entry.

This RPMAvatarLibrary simply prefills the avatar cache with the referenced prefabs, as if they had been actually downloaded once.


This add-on requires the ReadyPlayerMe UPM package to work. To do so, as described in ReadyPlayerMe documentation, install the following git package:

It has been tested with the version 3.3 of the Ready Player Me core package (com.readyplayerme.core).


  • Avatar addon
  • Feedbabck addon
  • Ready Player Me 3.3
  • Oculus.Lipsync (version included in the Avatar add-on)


Demo scenes can be found in the Assets\Photon\FusionAddons\RPMAvatar\Demo\Scenes\ folder.

The RPMAvatarLoading scene loads several ReadyPlayerMe avatars :

  • an avatar specified with an URL provided by the ReadyPlayerMe online editor and user an UserInfo component to load and synchronize on the network its avatar url,
  • the same avatar to demonstrate the cache system,
  • an offline avatar, not related to any Fusion's networked object (might be used in UI, ...).
  • and an avatar prefab loaded thanks to a custom avatar URL and the RPMAvatarLibrary.

The RPMAvatar scene uses the RPMNetworkRig prefabs, which incorporates most needed features:

  • it is compatible with simple avatar url and RPM urls
  • it provides a low poly fallback, which is colored by either the simple avatar or RPM avatar skin, clothes and hair colors
  • it includes hand models, that will take the color of the avatar skin
  • it provides a billboard last level of LOD
  • it demonstrates the EyeMovementSimulation feature. The avatar's eyes follows the Target game object thanks to the GazeTarget component. The avatar head and eyes containing a GazeTarget, player will look at each others.


This addon latest version is included into the Industries addon project

Supported topologies

  • shared mode


  • Version 2.0.2: Display simple lipsync option only on required platforms + add random avatar feature
  • Version 2.0.1: Support loading random avatar + fix default avatar height
  • Version 2.0.0: Fusion 2.0 support
  • Version 1.0.1: Fix avatar V3 hair and clothes color detection
  • Version 1.0.0: First release
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