This document is about: PUN 1

PUN Classic (v1)、PUN 2 和 Bolt 處於維護模式。 PUN 2 將支援 Unity 2019 至 2022,但不會添加新功能。 當然,您所有的 PUN & Bolt 專案可以用已知性能繼續運行使用。 對於任何即將開始或新的專案:請切換到 Photon Fusion 或 Quantum。

Subscription Error Cases

When you use the Photon Cloud instead of hosting yourself, there are a few additional error cases to keep in mind. These are explained below. Additionally, check the documentation included in the client platform SDKs for implementation details.

In all cases, the Photon Cloud Dashboard is useful to check the AppId and subscription.

Authentication Errors

The following errors happen during authentication with the cloud. The client is already connected but identifies the respective game by your AppId.

Authentication is done automatically when you call Connect.

Unknown or Archived AppId

This happens if the provided AppId is not known to the server at all. Check for typos and make sure you use the correct application type.

CCU Limit Reached

Unless you have a plan with "CCU Burst", clients might fail the authentication step during connect.

Affected clients are unable to call operations. Please note that players who end a game and return to the master server will disconnect and re-connect, which means that they just played and are rejected in the next minute / re-connect.

This is a temporary measure. Once the CCU is below the limit, players will be able to connect an play again.

OpAuthenticate is part of connection workflow but only on the Photon Cloud, this error can happen. Self-hosted Photon servers with a CCU limited license won't let a client connect at all.

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