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Photon Circle Discord

The Photon Circle Discord serves as an exclusive platform for all Circle members to engage with each other and get help from the Photon engineering team.

The Circle Discord is the primary hub for the latest announcements, as well as the main channel of communication between the Photon team and Circle members.
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Private Channels

If you're a Circle Pro subscriber, your team gets access to your own personal private channel.

Private channels provide you a dedicated space to address project-specific inquiries and to exchange information with the Photon team. You can share your ideas with us in real time, discuss project updates, and receive personalized support.

Only your team and the Photon team can access private channels, ensuring the confidentiality of your team's sensitive information. You can share code snippets or screenshots of your project with us directly without concern of them being leaked to the public.


To get access to the private Photon Circle Discord, you have to become a member of the Gaming or Industries Circle. Join a Circle today from your Dashboard


Next, you should connect a seat to your Photon account and click 'invite'. You'll then get an email with a link to join the Photon Circle Discord.

Keep in mind, Single tier Circle members can only view, not write, in Discord.

What can I ask?

You can ask us any question related to Photon and multiplayer in general. Here are some examples of topics we can assist with:

  • Unsure which Photon solution is best for your project? Don't hesitate to reach out to us for advice. Choosing the wrong technology can be a significant waste of time, so it's better to get our input sooner rather than later.
  • If you have any implementation questions about Photon APIs, we're here to help. Our documentation covers a lot of ground, but we understand that sometimes you may need clarification or additional guidance.
  • Profiling and troubleshooting can be tricky when it comes to multiplayer games. We can offer guidance on how to best profile your game, as well as provide insights into our library-specific tools for troubleshooting.
  • We can assist you with implementing multiplayer features into your game. Often, gameplay features that work in single player require additional considerations when translating them to multiplayer. Our team of experienced multiplayer engineers can help you navigate these complexities and implement these features into your game.

Public Channels

Photon Circle Discord has many public support channels. These are perfect for quick questions and real-time chats with our team. We're always ready to help and explain our libraries, so feel free to ask.

As public channels operate as live chats, messages may occasionally be overlooked. To ensure a response, or if your question requires more involvement, create a question on Stack Overflow or write us an email on [email protected] Back to top