This document is about: FUSION 2

Third Party Assets


The BR200 sample's core is made possible by Fusion; however, games require more than "just" tech! In addition to the multiplayer tech provided by Photon, the BR200 sample has been made possible thanks to the support of a group of excellent creators.

To use these in your own project, you need to purchase a license from them.

Animations by Mocap Online

High quality animations are incredibly important for accurate lag-compensation. The animations used for this project are provided by MoCap Online, a provider of AAA mocap animations suitable for singleplayer and multiplayer games alike.

The animations used by Mocap Online are as follows:

  • The locomotion animations are from the Mobility Pro pack;
  • The pistol animations are from the Pistol Pro pack; and,
  • The rifle animations are from the Rifle Pro pack.

The mocaped animations can be purchased as individual packs or as a discounted bundle: Shooter Mocap Bundle Pack.

Mocap Online offers custom motion caption for Studios.

Character & Weapon Models by Maksim Bugrimov

The sample uses the Renegade Character and the weapon models are part of the PBR Military Pack made by Maksim Bugrimov.

Fire & Explosions VFX by Hovl Studio

The 3D Fire and Explosions VFX are provided by Hovl Studio.

Impact & Muzzle Flashes VFX by Kripto289

The bullet shooting VFX are from the Impact & Muzzle Flashes pack by kripto289

Aircraft Model by TinForge

The Aircraft Model used in the Battle Royale mode is from the Military Aircraft Pack by TinForge

Crate Models by Mitrech

The crate & barrel models are from the Military Base Outpost pack from by Mitrech.

Sound effects by Freesound

Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse.

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