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Voice Chat


More and more games offer built-in Voice Chat. If your players interact in VR/AR, it is practically a must-have to be able to talk with one another.

Fusion is not built to transfer audio streams, instead another separate solution for voice chat needs to be used.

We provide a voice SDK called Photon Voice that can be used in tandem with Fusion.

Photon Voice

Photon Voice is an SDK which makes it a breeze to add real time voice chat to games and multi-user applications. It supports all major platforms including XR devices and WebGL and allows cross-platform communication by default.

Photon Voice a completely separate SDK and can be used on its own, however it also comes with seamless support for Fusion. A Recorder component per client enables sending of a stream while the Speaker components get placed on Fusion NetworkedObjects to be positioned correctly by the engine.

Getting Started

To integrate Voice into a Fusion project follow the guide on how to integrate Photon Voice with Fusion.

A general introduction to Photon Voice can be found here.

Demos & Samples

Small demos which showcase how to create a simple integrations between Fusion and Voice can be found on the Voice For Fusion Samples page.

There are several complete game samples which present a more in depth integration:

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