This document is about: FUSION 2

Data Transfer

There are three primary means of transporting data between Peers in Fusion.

  • Networked Properties - Properties of a NetworkBehaviour with the [Networked] attribute represent State, and will automatically replicate their values from the State Authority Peer to all other Peers. See Networked Properties.
  • Remote Procedure Calls - Calling a methods of a NetworkBehaviour which has the [Rpc] attribute will execute that method on other Peers in the Room. This is fundamentally a message wrapper. See Remote Procedure Calls.
  • Player Input - (Only relevant to Server Client Mode, not used in Shared Server Mode). Input collected every tick with the INetworkRunnerCallbacks.OnInput() is replicated to the server. These inputs are stored in a buffer, and are used in each Tick Simulation. Inputs are acquired with the GetInput() method inside of FixedUpdateNetwork(), which returns the Inputs that were supplied by that Network Object's State Authority. See Player Input.
data transfer methods
Primary Fusion mechanisms for transferring data between peers.
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