This document is about: FUSION 2

Network Transform


The NetworkTransform component is derived from NetworkTRSP and can be added to any Unity GameObject to automate synchronization of its Transform position and rotation states, and optionally scale and parent states.


Add a NetworkTransform component the root or any child of a Network Object, to replicate changes to that Transform's state.

NOTE: Parent synchronization is only applicable to NetworkTransform components on the root of a NetworkObject, as they must represent the MainTRSP.

Sync Scale

As the name suggests, this enables syncing of the transform.localScale value.

Sync Parent

When enabled, the transform.parent will be synchronized.

There are a few parenting caveats:

  • Parent transforms MUST have a NetworkBehaviour component. This is how the parent is found, using a NetworkBehaviourId.
  • The NetworkTransform must be on the root of the Network Object. Parenting is only for nested Network Objects, you cannot rearrange the children of a single Network Object.
  • The parent transform can be a child transform of a Network Object. For example the hand of a player.


When enabled, parented Transforms will automatically set their AreaOfInterestOverride to any nested parent NetworkObject, ensuring that children objects have the same Player Interest as any parent NetworkObject. For example, if a Player is carrying an Object, that Object would only be updated to other players who are getting updates for the Player carrying that Object.

For more info on the SetAreaOfInterstOverride see the NetworkTRSP section of this manual here.


Calling this sets the transform's position and rotation to the indicated values, and networks the Teleport event. This will suspend interpolation in Render() between the previous tick state and the current tick state, creating an instantaneous non-lerped transition to the Teleport state.

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