This document is about: FUSION 2

Expanding the Project

Adding New Scene

  1. Duplicate an existing scene (for example Game in Assets/TPSBR/Scenes).
  2. Replace existing objects (Geometry, Lights, Item Boxes, ...) with custom objects.
  3. Save the map.
  4. Add the scene to Build Settings.
  5. Add the scene to MapSettings asset (located in Assets/TPSBR/Resources/Settings). Pick an unique Id, set correct scene path and update other metadata. If you want the scene to appear in runtime Menu UI, enable Show In Map Selection toggle.

Adding New Agent

  1. Duplicate an existing agent prefab (Marine or Soldier in Assets/TPSBR/Prefabs/Agents) or create a new prefab variant from the AgentBase prefab.
  2. Replace the character model (Marine/VisualRoot/Sci_Fi_Character_08_05) and recreate all necessary weapon handle objects in the bone hierarchy. You can check all handles in existing agents.
  3. Add BodyPart components to appropriate bones to define character hit boxes and refresh the list of hit boxes in the HitboxRoot component.
  4. Assign weapon handles, bone references, and other references in the CharacterAnimationController, Weapons, and Character components.
  5. For an agent to be displayed as a playable character in the menu, add it in the AgentSettings asset (Assets/TPSBR/Resources/Settings/AgentSettings).

Adding New Weapon

  1. Duplicate an existing weapon prefab or create a new prefab variant from the appropriate prefab base (PistolBase, RifleBase, SniperBase)
  2. Assign a new WeaponID, display name, name shortcut, and correct WeaponSlot in the HitscanWeapon component
  3. Replace the weapon model and adjust the size of existing colliders if needed.
  4. To create a corresponding weapon pickup prefab, follow a similar prefab creation workflow also for the weapon pickup (Assets/TPSBR/Prefabs/Pickups/Weapons). Update the WeaponPrefab reference in WeaponPickup component with the new weapon prefab.
  5. To test the weapon, add it to the InitialWeapons array in the Weapons component on the AgentBase prefab.
  6. To have a new weapon available in item boxes, Add the weapon pickup in the PickupsSetup in the ItemBox prefab (Assets/TPSBR/Prefabs/Gameplay).

Adding New Projectile

  1. Duplicate an existing projectile prefab or create a new prefab variant from the appropriate prefab base (ProjectileBase, GrenadeBase).
  2. Modify the component values or graphics.
  3. Assign the projectile prefab reference in the weapon prefab (Projectile property in HitscanWeapon or ProjectileWeapon component).
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