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3D & 2D drawing

Fusion Industries prototyping Addons

This module demonstrates how to synchronize 3D points to create 3D drawings made with line renderers.

3D Drawing


3D drawings are made of a group of line renderers, with a common handle that can be grabbed and moved once the drawing is finished.

The line renderers are in local based positioning, allowing them to move along with the handle.

A draw is made of several lines.

Synchronized data

The Draw component contains a NetworkArray networked property, where each entry is a DrawPoint. A DrawPoint contains a vector3 and a float, and its meaning depends on the float value:

  • a positive value describes a regular point. The Vector3 contains the local position of the point to add in the current line
  • a NEW_LINE_PRESSURE (-1) value describes a line change. The Vector3 contains the color (r/g/b) of the line that has just finished. A new line renderer is created for next points


When the network array is full, another Draw is created, and the next Draw ensures to follow the first Draw, to synchronize their movement if they are grabbed, making it appear as a single drawing.

Note that in this prototyping code, all data is stored on Fusion networked properties. In real-life scenarios, including in regards to persistence, Fusion should be used for real time synchronization, while a third-party storage service should be used for the long term data persistence.


A 3D pen holds a Drawer component, which spawns a drawing prefab holding a Draw component. The Draw component ensures that all the drawn points are synchronized over Fusion.

The drawing is triggered by using a button (trigger on VR controllers, space on desktop).

2D drawing


2D drawings are just invisible (to the user) 3D drawings, recorded by a dedicated camera, whose render result is projected on a board texture.

For performance purposes, this camera is only enabled when the pens near the board are used, or when the drawings created with them are moved.


The drawing is triggered by the contact on the board surface, the depth of the contact determining the width of the drawing.

Note: the blocking tip module code shares similarities with this board detection. In future versions, they will probably be mutualised.

Color Selection

ColorSelection component can be added to a Drawer in order to synchronized the pen color modification. CheckColorModification() method is called during FixedUpdateNetwork to check if the local user used the joystick to change the pen color.

public override void FixedUpdateNetwork()
    if (Object == null || Object.HasStateAuthority == false) return;

In this case, ChangePenColor() updates the networked variable PenColor. So, OnColorChanged() is called on all players.

[Networked(OnChanged = nameof(OnColorChanged))]
public Color PenColor { get; set; }

static void OnColorChanged(Changed<ColorSelection> changed)

void OnColorChanged()

Then, UpdatePenMaterials() updates the pen's material & UpdateDrawColor() end the previous drawing and start a new drawing with the new color.


A demo scene can be found in Assets\Photon\FusionAddons\Drawing\Demo\Scenes\ folder.

Fusion Industries 2D Drawing

The scene contains 2D pens with several boards :

  • a first simple square board with a BlockingSurface component to prevent pens from crossing the surface. Make sure that the box collider IsTrigger bool is set to true. The child camera is set to perspective. Also make sure that the board camera's CullingMask includes the layers used for 3D lines and the board background (if any). In the same way, the camera of the player's rigs should NOT include the board background (it is visible thanks to the camera's render texture).

  • a second simple board with a double width. The child camera is set to orthographic. The output texture of the camera must be set with a render texture with a double width resolution compare to the square board.

  • a third board with a visual including a background texture. As explained above, the background texture's game object layer should NOT be included in the player rig camera (but must be included in the culling mask of the board's camera). This board includes a 3D pen with a color selection feature.

When the pen is released, a pin appears, allowing players to move the lines.

Fusion Industries 3D Drawing

The scene also contains two 3D pens. When the pen is released, a handle appears, allowing players to move the 3D lines.


This addon latest version is included into the addon project

Supported topologies

  • shared mode


  • Version 1.0.3: Fix because of feedback namespace modification
  • Version 1.0.2: Add LargeBoard with visual prefab
  • Version 1.0.1: Add demo scene + prefabs update + add namespace
  • Version 1.0.0: First release

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