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Level 4


Quantum Karts demonstrates how to build an arcade racing game with a full race loop, AI opponents, powerups and more. The sample supports up to 12 karts, has 2 tracks, 4 different powerups, 3 kart types and 3 kart looks.


Version Release Date Download
3.0.0 Jun 18, 2024 Quantum Karts 3.0.0 Build 398

Technical Info

  • Unity: 2021.3.30f1.
  • Platforms: PC (Windows / Mac), WebGL

Before You Start

To run the sample in online multiplayer mode, first create a Quantum AppId in the PhotonEngine Dashboard and paste it into the AppId field in PhotonServerSettings asset. Then load the Menu scene in the Scenes menu and press Play.



  • Arcade racing physics utilizing Broadphase Queries for wheels and collisions.
  • Custom friction and drifting physics utilizing various different FP Math features.
  • Different surfaces to offer varying driving conditions.
  • Input encoding (Vector2 <-> byte).
  • Entity pool for re-usable powerup entities.
  • AI drivers with adjustable difficulty that can drive through the tracks, drift and use powerups.
  • An extendable powerup system that supports different AI behaviours for each powerup.


  • Satisfying arcade driving with a rewarding skill-based drifting mechanic.
  • Full race loop: Ready check, Countdown, Race, Scoreboard.
  • Different Kart stats and looks to choose from.
  • Get speed boosts by executing long drifts.
  • 4 weapons plus variations of them (Bomb, Mine, Shield, Boost).
  • 2 tracks with different driving surfaces.


  • A/D or Left/Right Arrow Keys to Steer
  • W or Up Arrow Key to Accelerate
  • S or Down Arrow Key to Reverse
  • Space to Hop/Drift
  • Shift to use Items
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