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Getting The Quantum SDK

Stable Builds

Version Release Date Download
2.1.5 Stable Mar 14, 2023 Quantum SDK 2.1.5 Stable Build 1144
Quantum CustomPlugin 2.1.5 Stable Build 1144
Release Notes
2.0.6 Stable Mar 20, 2023 Quantum SDK 2.0.6 F1 Build 1146
Quantum CustomPlugin 2.0.6 F1 Build 1146
Release Notes

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Release Notes

quantum sdk 2.1 release notes

quantum sdk 2.0 release notes

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  • Minimum Unity 2018.4.30f1
  • Visual Studio 2017, JetBrains Rider
  • Microsoft Windows 10 or Mac OS X
  • C# 7.3 and .Net 4.6.2

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Supported Platforms

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS X
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch (NintendoSDK 5.5.0 or higher)
  • Xbox ONE (ask us for details)
  • Xbox Series X & S (ask us for details)
  • PS4 & PS5 (ask us for details)
  • WebGL (special considerations listed here)

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SDK Contents

The SDK is distributed as a zip file, which contains: a bootstrap project (VS solution for the gameplay simulation, Unity project for the view integration), and upgrade instructions (including all necessary files).

The current files and folders are included in the SDK compressed file:

  • assemblies (folder): quantum run-time libraries (that are included into client builds);
  • quantum_code (folder): bootstrap gameplay simulation visual studio solution (2 projects). Includes basics classes, but no sample game state;
  • quantum_unity (folder): bootstrap unity project (includes some quantum unity integration sample sources such as loaders, debug runner, entity prefab scripts, etc);
  • tools (folder): quantum compile-time libraries (DSL-parser/compiler/code-generator and IL patcher) that are used in the visual studio solution for the gameplay simulation, but are not used during runtime;
  • upgrade (folder): upgrade instructions + replacement packs and files;
  • release_history.txt (file): lists added features, bug-fixes, etc, since the first release of the Quantum ECS SDK (same as listed below).
  • build_info.txt (file): exact info about the build, keep up to date for better support.
  • PhotonQuantum-Documentation.chm (file): API documentation of Quantum SDK and Quantum Server Plugin SDK. If the file cannot be viewed properly try to unblock the zip file before extracting.

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