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11 - Where to go next


This tutorial established a foundation for creating a game in Quantum. However, there is much more to learn about it. This section recommends the next steps to follow in your journey.

Asteroids Sample

Quantum comes with a more complete asteroids sample project. This sample is included in the Quantum SDK download. To explore it, create a new Unity project, import the Quantum SDK and then import the Quantum-Asteroids package in Assets/Photon/QuantumAsteroids.

The sample comes with many additional features that are not present in the tutorial such as:

  • Custom view scripts.
  • Scoring system including UI.
  • Particle systems controlled by thrusters.
  • Full game loop including respawning and selecting a winner.
  • Ammo system including UI ammo bar.
  • Player names.

Other Quantum Samples

The samples showcase many ways of using Quantum to build various styles of gameplay. From fast-paced platformer and racing games to Chess, the API is explored and exemplified and can be used as a starting point. Every sample has a Level tag at the top of it's page which informs how advanced the sample is. Starting with Beginner level samples is the best next step from this point.

Quantum Manual

The first pages you should read in the manual are the ones covering the Quantum DSL (Domain Specific Language) and the Entity Prototypes. These are at the core of programming the simulation and designing the view, respectively.


The Quantum 3 Complete Course Stream goes into more concepts than this tutorial and is a great way to solidify your Quantum knowledge:

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