This document is about: QUANTUM 2


navigation intro

The Quantum navigation system provides a deterministic Navigation Mesh and a set of Navigation Agent components to navigate and steer entities through the game world.

N.B.: Core.NavigationSystem() needs to be enabled in SystemSetup.cs for the navigation related functionalities to work.

More information on the API is available in the documentation included in the SDK docs\PhotonQuantum-Documentation.chm.


  • A* path-finding algorithm
  • Autonomous agents navigate to target destination through the navmesh
  • Parts of the navmesh can be toggled on and off during run-time (regions)
  • HRVO agent avoidance
  • Dynamic avoidance obstacles (not navmesh carving)
  • Off-mesh links
  • 3D Navigation supported (since Quantum 2.1)
  • Region triangle weights (since Quantum 2.1)
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