PUN Classic (v1), PUN 2 and Bolt are in maintenance mode. PUN 2 will support Unity 2019 to 2022, but no new features will be added. Of course all your PUN & Bolt projects will continue to work and run with the known performance in the future. For any upcoming or new projects: please switch to Photon Fusion or Quantum.

Alternative SimulateController / ExecuteCommand

"Abuse" The Executecommand In Bolt

Usually you use ExecuteCommand() & SimulateController() to do the type of authoritative client-side predicted movement that say an FPS or TPS would but you can use it like that, basically ignoring the "resetState" and just have that as a target to "get to".

public override void SimulateController() {
    IMyVehicleCommandInput input = MyVehicleCommand.Create();

    input.Throttle = ...
    input.Gear = ...
    input.Blah = ...;

MyVehicleCommand serverResult;

public override void ExecuteCommand(Bolt.Command command, bool resetState) {
    MyVehicleCommand cmd = (MyVehicleCommand)command;

    // resetState means we got a state update from the server, this will only be true on the client
    if (resetState) {
        serverResult = cmd;

    if (serverResult != null) {
        // if we have a server result, this is the last "verified" 
        // result from the server, the data will be available in 
        // cmd.Result and is specified by you on the Command asset.
        // this is your lerp target

    // perform movement logic for player, this code execute on both client (controlling) and server

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