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Twin Stick Shooter

Level 4
Available in the Gaming Circle and Industries Circle


This sample is provided with full source code and demonstrates how Quantum can be used to create a top-down twin stick shooter game.

It showcases AI systems present in Bot SDK in conjunction to other auxilliary implementations such as an AI Director to provide team strategy, data-driven AI Sensors and Habilities architecture and much more.


Version Release Date Download
3.0.0 Dec 13, 2023 Twin Stick Shooter 3.0.0 Build 317

Technical Info

  • Unity: 2021.3.30f1;
  • Platforms: PC (Windows / Mac), and Mobile (Android);



  • Bot SDK sample usage;
  • Hierarchical Finite State Machine (HFSM) used as the "Brain" for characters controlled by AI;
  • Filling a game match with Bots and picking random names from a text file;
  • Replacement of disconnected players by Bots;
  • Data driven architecture for AI Sensors;
  • Tactical sensors, used by the Bots to judge what tactics they want to perform;
  • Re-usable Input struct for both Players and Bots: both uses the same data and systems;
  • AI Director which polls team relevant data and defines the team Strategies;
  • AIMemory: store data and only make it available after an interval, and "forget" the data after an interval;


  • Usage of the HFSM to create the Game Manager, which dictates the flow of the game mode;
  • Data driven architecture for Habilities;
  • Usage of a Top-Down KCC;
  • Union-based strategy for character Attributes (such as Health, Speed, etc);
  • Custom baking of Level Design markers, used by the Bots as data on their decision making;
  • Context Steering: consider many "movement desire" vectors to result in a single one, used to movement the Bots;
  • Usage of the Callbacks version of the navigation system;

Game/Level Design

  • Usage of entity prototypes (prefabs and scene prototypes);
  • 3 unique characters with 2 habilities each;
  • Coin Grab game mode: collect the coins in the map. The team who keeps 10+ coins for 15 seconds wins the match;

Stream Videos

Photon Insiders - Fireside Chat - Twin Stick Shooter (04 mar 2022)

  • Gameplay session with 4 players and 2 Bots;
  • Quick view on the Unity project;
  • Overall analysis of the game architecture and some of it's main features;
  • Q & A, mostly focused on Bot SDK and AI coding;

Game Start - Players and Bots joining

game start

Input Polling - Includes player replacement

input polling

Applying the Input to characters

applying the input to characters

AI Building Blocks

ai building blocks

AI Strategy and Tactics

ai strategy and tactics

The Game Manager

the game manager


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