PUN Classic (v1), PUN 2, Bolt는 휴업 모드입니다. Unity2022에 대해서는 PUN 2에서 서포트하지만, 신기능의 추가는 없습니다. 현재 이용중인 고객님의 PUN 및 Bolt 프로젝트는 중단되지 않고, 퍼포먼스나 성능이 떨어지는 일도 없습니다. 앞으로의 새로운 프로젝트에는 Photon Fusion 또는 Quantum을 사용해 주십시오.

Bolt Temporal Aliasing

Bolt has built-in support for handling the disjoint relationship between Update and FixedUpdate in Unity. The simulation (FixedUpdate) and rendering (Update) portion of your game does not always line up 1:1 with each other. This causes what's commonly known as micro-stutter. You can find an explanation of this here.

This support is intended for proxies only and not your controller. You will have to find your own solution for the controller (note: the link above provides code to do this).

In order to implement this see this page here.

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