Bolt 101 - Wizard Window

Welcome to the Getting Started of Bolt. Here we will go through the first steps to get your project up and running Bolt in no time. If you did not download the package from the Asset Store yet, you can download it from this link or search for Photon Bolt Free inside your Unity Editor. Please download/import the package.

After the import is completed, you will be greeted by the Bolt Wizard window, as shown below. This first screen is just a warm welcome from the Bolt Team, explaining that we will go through some steps to get Bolt properly configured. If the Wizard window did not show up, please go to Window/Bolt/Wizard.

Bolt Wizard window
Bolt Wizard window.

In the next step, we need to configure your Photon Cloud credentials in order to connect with Photon Servers and use Bolt properly. First, you will need a valid Application ID (AppID), that can created using our Dashboard page. Just fill all fields with your desired configuration, and you should be good to continue:

  1. Shortcut to Dashboard page;
  2. The field for your Application ID;
  3. Select your desired Region;
  4. Select if you want the NAT punchthrough behavior enabled.

Bolt Wizard - Photon Cloud settings
Bolt Wizard - Photon Cloud settings.

Next, we will install all necessary packages to make your installation ready to use. Bolt comes with some extension and example packages, so you can headstart without writing any code. The packages are divided into two categories:

  1. Core:
    1. Code Package: main Bolt package, this is the only required bundle to run the library;
    2. Mobile Plugins: this extends Bolt to run on Mobile platforms like Android and iOS devices;
  2. Extra:
    1. Samples: contain examples with different scenarios showing some features of Bolt;
    2. Server Monitor: example package to show statistics of a game server.

Bolt Wizard - Packages
Bolt Wizard - Packages.

By clicking on each package name, the Wizard will start the installation of it. After finishing the import process you will get a green light on each package installed, as show below:

Bolt Wizard - Installed Package
Bolt Wizard - Installed Package.

Great! Now you are ready to use Bolt on all its functionalities. Welcome to the family! On the latest step, you will find links to our Community, Bug Tracker, and this documentation.

Bolt Wizard - Support
Bolt Wizard - Support.

In the next chapter, we will start using Bolt and create a simple networked game.

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