PUN Classic (v1)、PUN 2 和 Bolt 處於維護模式。 PUN 2 將支援 Unity 2019 至 2022,但不會添加新功能。 當然,您所有的 PUN & Bolt 專案可以用已知性能繼續運行使用。 對於任何即將開始或新的專案:請切換到 Photon Fusion 或 Quantum。

02 - Host & Join Game



  • Photon Bolt menu location was changed from the Window menu and now has it's own menu item called just Bolt.
  • The Compile Assembly action can be found directly on the Bolt menu.
  • The Bolt API has now a dedicated class for Matchmaking, from where you can create and join matches. Look at the dedicated page for more information.
  • Credits by Brett.
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