PUN Classic (v1)、PUN 2 和 Bolt 處於維護模式。 PUN 2 將支援 Unity 2019 至 2022,但不會添加新功能。 當然,您所有的 PUN & Bolt 專案可以用已知性能繼續運行使用。 對於任何即將開始或新的專案:請切換到 Photon Fusion 或 Quantum。

What's new in v1.3

Main Changes:

For a full list of changes, check the log here.

Bolt Namespaces Rework

The version 1.3 of Bolt comes with a lot of structural changes, mainly focusing on a better organization of the classes and system inside Bolt. Unfortunatelly for a major refactor like this, it's necessary to change how the API is exposed, mainly by changing the namespaces, but also some methods and classes.

The major change was that all Bolt classes are now inside the Photon.Bolt. namespace instead of just Bolt.. Some changes are listed below:

  • Bolt.Command to Photon.Bolt.Command;
  • Bolt.ScopeMode to Photon.Bolt.ScopeMode;
  • Bolt.GlobalTargets to Photon.Bolt.GlobalTargets;
  • Bolt.IProtocolToken to Photon.Bolt.IProtocolToken;
  • Bolt.EntityBehaviour to Photon.Bolt.EntityBehaviour;
  • Bolt.ReliabilityModes to Photon.Bolt.ReliabilityModes;
  • Bolt.GlobalEventListener to Photon.Bolt.GlobalEventListener;

Other namespaces that often are used:

  • Photon.Bolt.Utils: include utility classes, like BoltLog and others.
  • Photon.Bolt.Collections: include the Bolt's own implementations of some collections, like BoltRingBuffer.
  • Photon.Bolt.Matchmaking: Matchmaking API;
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