SpaceHub project is no longer under development. While you could still use it as a template for a Photon Realtime project, we strongly recommend using our similar and more modern Fusion Expo and Fusion Stage samples.


SpaceHub Conference is a script reference and code architecture showcase to demonstrate how you can use Photon to support many users at the same time in a realtime application. Our goal is to provide you with an example project which you can study to get inspired for your own project and to show you how to implement a bunch of different features.

SpaceHub Conference is not a ready to use product. It is intended solely for educational purposes and provided As-Is!

You will need expertise in Unity, C# Development and Photons Multiplayer technology to implement your own solutions.

SpaceHub Conference is built using the Photon products Realtime, Voice and Chat. With SpaceHub we have demonstrated how to best utilize these products to create an interactive communications experience for large scale applications before we rebuild from scratch based on FUSION.

The project contains source code for the Unity project and website. It can be downloaded below.


A complete documentation which explain the features and the project structure can be downloaded HERE.

Download sources

Sources code (Unity project + Web) can be downloaded HERE.

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