Headless Server

Often times you will want to run a server that uses less resources. To run a Unity application like this you will want to launch it with arguments -batchmode -nographics. You can do this in command line, for example myGame.exe -batchmode -nographics. Your game then needs to check if it is running headless.

With this script in your initial scene, you can enter myGame.exe -batchmode -nographics -map Level1 and it will launch a server for your scene "Level1". Of course you can customize this to use a port you enter, a different game mode, etc. by making more argument checks.

You will also want to disable things in the game when running headless such as locking the cursor, spawning a player, and music. For the tutorial there is Screen.lockCursor = true in "PlayerCamera.cs", you can modify the script to only lock the cursor if not in headless mode. The same goes for Player.serverPlayer.InstantiateEntity() in "ServerCallbacks.cs"

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