This document is about: QUANTUM 2


Available in the Gaming Circle and Industries Circle


Map Assets

Each gameplay (race) in the scene needs a separate MapData asset.

map assets
Map assets.

Use the MapSelector component that is contained in the Races GameObject in the scene to bake all maps in the scene at once.

Global Settings

The GlobalSettings asset holds the main settings for game, other game settings assets, default options and data for the loader (scene names).

global settings
## Options

The Arcade Racing Sample comes with an implementation of game options which players can change in game. The default options' values are located in the GlobalSettings asset.


Match Settings

The MatchSettings asset holds settings used mainly in the Menu for displaying information about the races and preparing the match.

It is possible to configure what AI options will be shown or applied in Quickplay. When multiple AIs are added to a game, it can also be used to set the ratio of how many AIs should exist of a given difficulty (e.g.: 60% easy, 30% normal, 10% hard).

Note: Settings inspectors are using Odin to be more readable. Check 3rd Party Assets section for more information.

match settings

Car Settings

CarSettings specify what cars will be available to players in the Menu as well as the information about the cars.

car settings

Steering Settings

SteeringSettings holds the rotation curve that tells how much the car can rotate relative to its speed. For example a car at its max speed cannot turn as fast as when going 15 km/h.

steering settings
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