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There are two types of cards, Units and EffectAreas. Each one of them has its own settings type called UnitSettings and EffectAreaSettings respectively. Every component’s parameter can be set in these settings.


Most units are composed by the following components

  • Transform2D
  • Unit
  • Health
  • Target
  • Movement
  • NavMeshSteeringAgent
  • NavMeshPathfinder
  • NavMeshAvoidanceAgent
  • UnitAI
  • Weapon
  • UnitStats
  • Buffs


EffectAreas are time limited circular areas applying different behaviours to Units inside it. EffectAreas are composed by the following components:

  • Transform2D
  • EffectArea


All parameters of the components are set in UnitSettings and EffectAreaSettings. This allows several cards to reference the same prefab. For example, the skeleton prefab is used by three different CardSettings.

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