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Quantum Survivor

Level Beginner


This sample is provided with full source code and demonstrates how Quantum can be used to create a co-op survivor game with hundreds of enemies.

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Version Release Date Download
2.1.5 May 11, 2023 Quantum Survivor 2.1.5 Build 215

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Before You Start

To run the sample in online multiplayer mode, first create a Quantum AppId in the PhotonEngine Dashboard and paste it into the AppId field in PhotonServerSettings asset. Then load the Menu scene in the Scenes menu and press Play.

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Technical Info

  • Unity: 2020.3.37f1.
  • Platforms: PC (Windows / Mac), Mobile.

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  • Scheduling routine for collectible entitites.
  • Usage of a multithreaded system for Characters Movement.
  • EntityView object pool.
  • Usage of physics queries injection Broadphase Queries.

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  • Basic wave system.
  • Synced character powerup selection.
  • Quantum Command to add more time for powerups selection
  • Basic Bot players.

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Useful Patterns

Scheduling Routine For Collectible Entitites

This is a good approach to prevent iterating over all the collectibles every frame, thus distributing the CPU load.

int schedulePeriod = 10;
foreach (var (entity, c) in f.Unsafe.GetComponentBlockIterator<Collectible>())
  if (entity.Index % schedulePeriod == f.Number % schedulePeriod)
    CheckCollectDistance(f, entity, c);
    if (c->TTL <= FP._0)
    c->TTL -= timeMultiplier * schedulePeriod;

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3rd Party Assets

The Sample includes several assets provided courtesy of their respective creators (CC-0). The full packages can be acquired for your own projects at their respective site:

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