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If Bolt seems to be functioning incorrectly the first steps to try would be to:

  1. Ensure you've installed all files from the original Bolt package.
  2. Perform a Bolt install: Edit -> Bolt Install -> Yes
  3. Perform a Bolt compile: Assets -> Bolt Compile (All)
  4. Restart Unity

If you're still having issues then have a look below if any of it describes your problem and offers a solution. If not then feel free to open a topic in the Support area of the Bolt Forums. For the best support it's recommended to include your OS, version of Unity, version of Bolt, a brief description of the issue and if possible the steps to reproduce the problem.

Forgot to install


NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of object.
BoltEditorGUI.Button( System.String icon)

You've probably installed the Bolt package but didn't perform its internal installation yet.
Try: Edit -> Bolt Install -> Yes

Missing icons in Bolt UI

This is likely a case where you're missing some Bolt files related to its installation.
Try: Edit -> Bolt Install -> Yes

Missing delete button in Bolt Editor UI (Bolt 0.4+)

With Bolt 0.4+ to remove any of the elements in the Bolt Editor you need to hold control to have the delete button show up.

The transform is not syncing with the State to other Clients (Bolt 0.4+)

With Bolt 0.4+ ensure to link up the transform in Attached():

public override void Attached() { state.myTransform.SetTransforms(transform); }

Note that this assumes the transform property on your State is called myTransform.

My implemented method X on BoltEntity is not being called

Ensure (where required) you're using for implementing Bolt methods:

public override void MethodName()

The normal "Unity" way only works with Unity methods like Start and Update:

public void MethodName()

My Entity doesn't have the OnEvent() method

Can't override OnEvent() on BoltEntity since it doesn't exist

  1. To receive Entity Events you need to inherit from Bolt.EntityEventListener instead of Bolt.EntityBehaviour.
  2. Ensure your Event has been created through the Bolt Editor.
  3. Perform a Bolt Compile upon creation/changes in your Event.

For more information see Events

My Server callback is getting called twice

Or: Server/Client callback is getting called more than once.

You likely have the Callbacks script attached to a gameObject in the scene.
There is no need to do this as Bolt automatically attaches it to the scene for you.
Therefore it's calling twice.

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