This document is about: QUANTUM 2

Systems and Components

Available in the Gaming Circle and Industries Circle


This section covers all systems and components that are updated by simulation systems inside of Quantum.

The sections are organized in logic modules which include the systems, components and assets relevant to each one of them. This same structure is found inside the Quantum Project of the Tower Rush Sample.


The GameplaySystem and Gameplay component are responsible for handling the gameplay loop (WaitingForPlayer, Match, Overtime, Finished). They check the win conditions and keep the players’ scores. The Gameplay component is also in charge of keeping track of the PlayerAreas. The PlayerArea is an area where a player is allowed to play their cards. It is defined by a rectangle and blocked areas. A blocked area is defined by a rectangle and an entity which needs to be active in order for the blocked area to be active.

The GameplaySettings asset defines the player's castle and tower settings, all available cards, match start energy, maximum energy and their behaviour in the various gameplay states (e.g.: duration and energy fill rate).


Holds information about the player's energy and cards in hand and queue of cards.


Defines Unit’s level and behaviour

  • Spawner: periodic spawning of other entities - Units, EffectAreas…
  • Lifetime: maximum duration of Unit, can remove health periodically
  • SpawnOnDeath: Spawn of other entities on death - Units, EffectAreas…


Keeps track of Unit’s stats that can be modified by external sources (EffectsArea cards).


Is responsible for selecting the Unit's target. There are three possible types of targets:

  • UnitGround
  • UnitAir
  • Building

Buff and Buffs

Buff is a component that modifies a target's UnitStats or Health and keep track of active Buff(s) on a Unit. They have different behaviours:

  • Duration: defines how long does the buff last since last refresh
  • HealthOverTime : periodic changes of current health (damage and heal)
  • Stats : Absolute and percentage change of any Stat


Handles Unit’s attack. Can have different behaviours:

  • SingleTarget: instantly attacks other Unit
  • Projectile: spawn a Projectile which hits a targeted Unit


  • Behaviour
  • Damage
  • AttackRange


Projectiles are fired from the Weapon. Once fired it always hits the target. It can have different behaviours:

  • SingleTarget: deals damage to the target
  • AreaOfEffect: deals damage in the targeted area


Special type of card that can be played by Player. Periodically affects Units in the targeted area. It can have different behaviours:

  • Damage: deals damage to enemy Units
  • Buff: applies Buff to Unit’s in the area


Moves and rotates the Unit based on data from Quantum NavMesh navigation.


Component marking entity as a target. It has size and type:

  • UnitGround
  • UnitAir
  • Building


Keeps track of Unit’s current and maximum health.

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